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Starting in Jan 2022, I have pledged to donate 50% of all proceeds from my painting sales to CPAWS, the Ancient Forest Alliance and Nature Conservancy Canada, in support of their work to protect B.C.'s most precious natural ecosystems. See website links below for details.

I consider myself lucky to live in British Columbia and to spend my time making art inspired by the natural landscapes of the region. But I work in the context of increasing pressure on natural ecosystems from industrial levels of resource development, forestry and from changes brought about by climate change. I believe that we have a responsibility to protect the remaining natural ecosystems in B.C. both to sustain nature itself and to protect and conserve what remains for future generations. 

I have always been motivated to make art and I am further motivated to start using my art practice as a means of supporting this critical cause. If you are interested in buying a painting, I will be happy to discuss which of the charities or causes you would prefer me to donate to.

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